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The best resources on the internet for your science fair projects. Select your school grade and take a look at the examples of real completed projects. If you already have an idea and just need some information to complete your science fair project, use the resources broken down by topic for high quality science fair information.

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Project Resources - We provide several resources which will help you get started on your project. These range from basics, to general information, to thoughts about specific subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Astronomy.

Search Science Fair Projects - Please visit this page, if you would like to perform a search for many of our already existing Science Projects. You can search by Subject, or by Grade Level (Kindergarten through 12th grade).

Science Project Topics - Here, we provide you with a list and descriptions of topic ideas for science projects. This list covers a wide range of areas, not limited specifically to scientific disciplines like Astronomy, and therefore includes such diverse areas as Food, Football, Guitars, Cooking, etc.

General Science Info - Click here if you would like general science information, which will help you in your research path toward a great project. In addition to ideas about topics, this page provides you with thoughts that will help in the process of determining which project to choose for the science fair.