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Biology Resources for Free Science Fair Projects
3B Scientific
3B Scientific is an internationally recognized source for anatomical models and charts, medical simulators, medical and patient education products, as well as biology and physics teaching items. They offer products for sale on their websites and in their catalogs which are published and distributed in seven languages worldwide.

3B Scientific has a 3D Modeling Studio on their website which include the following models:
  • Adult Human Skull
  • Torso
  • Human Brain
  • Shoulder Joint with Rotator Cuff
  • Heart
  • Eye
These free interactive animations are absolutely incredible! They are based on 3B Scientific models and provide a unique 3 dimensional view of various anatomical structures.

Human Anatomy Online
The Human Anatomy Online is an informative graphical tool for seeing and learning about any part of the human anatomy.  You start by picking a "system" in the human anatomy, such as skeletal, digestive, cardiovascular, etc.  Then it brings up an image of that system from which you can select one of the parts of that system, such as the heart, lung, epiglotis, etc.

After selecting the part you are interested in, it tells all about that part.  It's interesting for all ages, and would provide good free help for science fair projects perhaps even through the Middle school level.  Human Anatomy Online is a very cool tool, and it actually makes learning fun.

Zoobooks Animals A-Z
FREE Elephants Zoobook!  FREE Tiger Poster! You've probably heard about  Zoobooks - The #1 Kids Magazine about Animals! This is a fun and interesting resource for kids ages 4-12 that love animals.  But, what you may not have heard about is their free online resource about animals.

It's called Zoobooks Animals A-Z, and while it is definitely geared for very young kids, it has some great basic information about many different animals.

Gondar Design Biology
Gondar Design Biology is one of the better populated topics in Gondar Design Science. GDS provides a special service for GCSE biology students at Kingsbury High School in the U.K. This biology section has a very well rounded batch of topics, including osmosis in biology and other biology research topics.

NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information
Click Here to visit the NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology InformationWhen it comes to molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics, NCBI is the definitive free resource.  This government sponsored "super search" indexes the leading molecular biology databases creating an enormous reserve of information.

It takes a bit of time to wrap your head around the search function, but once you do the results are really worth the effort.  NCBI is a valuable resource for High School and College level science fair projects and other scientific research.